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Dr. Vivian Moynihan wanted to share with our class an ophthalmology blog run by Dr. Rosenthal, an ophthalmologist associated with UTMC! Please check it out:



Goodbye- Eric L.

I made a Google Presentation quiz on the nerves, arteries and veins of the head and neck. Note: you can download the presentations and store them on your computer, but if you go to the link each time, you will get the most recent version.
Head and Neck Nerves
Head and Neck Arteries
Head and Neck Veins

Hi everyone! University of Minnesota Medical School is doing a "Medical Student CHANGES Research Project" that is sponsored by the NIH. They need 1st year students to take an online survey that last about 45 minutes. $50 in cash will be mailed to your house after the completion of the survey. The contact information is below if you are interested.---Mouna
1-877-629-1004 mchanges@umn.edu

Great espn feature related to Progeria that might interest some people.

Josiah's Time

Hey everyone! Here is the link to UTCOM AMSA & Friends Relay for Life team for Friday, December 3rd. It's only $10 to join the team and it's for a great cause! It starts at 6PM that day but you are welcome to show up whenever you can! http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=32696&team_id=796488

The AMSA Instrument Sale is on October 22 during lunch. This is the best time to try out different pieces of equipment. Last year 166 students from the first year class bought their stethoscope at the AMSA Instrument Sale. There will be sales representatives from a couple of different companies showcasing their wares. Also on October 6, 7, and 8 AMSA will be collecting all first year white coats for embroidery. While not required, an embroidered name adds to the professionalism of the medical student (most schools require this, not UT). We have a group package on the seamstress so all embroidered coats are free for AMSA members and $10 for non-AMSA members. (there is still time to sign up for AMSA and get your free Anatomy atlas and discounted medicine ball tickets at http://www.amsa.org/AMSA/Homepage/JoinAMSA.aspx).

This is already posted under the "Block 1" tab, but it's pretty awesome...
Everyone be sure to join the Quizlet group. It's a fantastic way to use each other's flashcards for cramming (err... studying.) A couple of people have begun to add some really useful things here, so be sure to post some of your own cards. Someone who's real savvy could probably find a way to steal some of the upper class's cards to put them in our group once they become relevant to us.
UTCOM 2014 Quizlet Group (The password: 2014)

Note for Smartphone Users: There are some pretty spiffy apps out there that allow you to download and use the Quizlet flashcards from your phone. I'm using Kaka Flashcards on Android and it's been working pretty well!

Unfortunately, not a lot of love-making going on in our class. Lots of tired, soon-to-be-drunks, though
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Good luck this afternoon, everyone.

Take the poll... The results will be posted sometime before the exam...

I know that we all go to Univ. of Toledo now, but I think we can all recognize the importance of tonight, 9/2/2010, in Ohio State's return to NCAAF dominance.

Welcome Class of 2014 to your new Wikispace!

Lots will be shared here so you better be amped for a good time!

Hey guys- I'll be helping manage the site so if you have any ideas for organization/content, email me at Eric.Levin@rockets.utoledo.edu I'm gonna start off with a page for mneumonics for exam 1. If you find any relevant good ones or think of one yourself you can add it. I'll start it off with one I thought of for TCA cycle. Good luck!!

UTCOM Geriatrics Club
Three $100.00 certificates to Health Science Campus bookstore!
The Student Organization, Geriatrics Club would like to sponsor a contest soliciting University of Toledo Health Science Campus students writing and artwork that addresses concerns geriatric medicine and experiences with senior citizens. The activity forwards the purpose of the geriatrics club, encouraging interest in geriatric medicine and facilitating communication between disciplines and generations.

The Geriatrics Club would like to produce a pamphlet of selected writings and artwork collected in the competition to be distributed at the student activities fair in the fall, to be distributed to health science campus students, and to be distributed to assisted living centers. We are accepting prose, poetry, and visual art in digital format to be printed.

Authors and artist who submit to the contest grant the club permission to reproduce their work and distribute to colleagues and the patient population. Authors and artists will be credited unless anonymity is requested. The Geriatrics officers will edit the zine. All submitters will be eligible for prizes.

Deadline: September 17th, 2010

Send submissions to:


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